Grand Lodge

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The Grand Lodge
The Grand Lodge

Absalom’s Grand Lodge draws Pathfinder agents from all corners of the Inner Sea and beyond. Adventurous souls flock to the Society’s vast complex of towers, libraries, reliquaries, and museums to train, research, and trade stories of life in the field. Consequently, Pathfinders from all walks of life hold the Grand Lodge of Absalom in high esteem and consider it home. Within its walls, a cadre of masked leaders—the Decemvirate—guides the Society’s global activities from within its aerie, Skyreach. Other Pathfinders may give their allegiance to foreign nations or religious factions, but members of the Grand Lodge faction give their loyalty to the Ten and the Pathfinder Society itself. Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin, who controls all of the goings-on within the Grand Lodge itself, is disliked by many new Pathfinders, but appreciated by veterans for his skillful assignment of agents. Detail-oriented and annoyed by inefficiency, he doesn’t appreciate back-talk and reserves the most difficult assignments for those who annoy him.

Goal: Loyalty to the Decemvirate above All

Members of this faction are the most dedicated members of the Pathfinder Society, embodying the key tenets of the organization above all else. Focused on exploring ruins as well as securing artifacts from those who don’t appreciate them, these Pathfinders have an insatiable sense of curiosity. Grand Lodge Pathfinders make excellent teammates for larger expeditions, and have filled the tomes of the Pathfinder Chronicles since the earliest volumes. They often take inspiration from the exploits of the early Pathfinder Durvin Gest, aspiring to become as famous as that legendary adventurer.